Benjamin in the Pool

Benjamin also went for his first swim ever this weekend. The camp had a wonderfully warm indoor pool, and Nic bought Ben the cutest little baby-swimming suit, so we both hopped in for awhile on Saturday afternoon. He took to the water like a fish, kicked around, and even got his face wet without freaking out. Here’s a little clip of him swimming with daddy — sorry about the quality, our camcorder was in use, so we had to use our digicam’s crude video feature…

4 thoughts on “Benjamin in the Pool

  1. This video shows off your tattoo as well as your son. Remind me when you got it?? I think you should consider posting some tattoo pics.

  2. Yes I have a tattoo… It says “Nicole” in binary. I’m going to get one on my other arm that has Benjamin’s initials in binary as well.
    There are pictures in the archives, in the Photo Albums sections. October of 2005 is when I got it.

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