Things I'm Learning

I sure hate PHP’s syntax, but its pretty cool that there’s so much stuff out there for WordPress, so I’m forcing myself to learn it a bit so I can customize. Note the new, and manually modified Flickr feed on the right. Also note that things are on the right now — where I wanted them in the first place!
I’m also learning about overlay layers and some cool Filters in Photoshop, so bare with me as I work on our header image. I know the current one is a little bit odd, but I was just playing with what I had on hand. We’ll snap some better shots soon, and make something a little better looking.
Now I gotta learn more about the world of Windows programming. I love C# but I’d much rather use it to write webservices than old school Windows apps.

4 thoughts on “Things I'm Learning

  1. What’s there to hate? It all flows nicely and makes perfect sense. 🙂 And it’s cool to watch the changes in progress. I see you’re having a productive lunch hour. 🙂

  2. I hate Dreamweaver. And as for FrontPage… I knew ye well. Alas you’ve been end-of-lifed by the mother ship. Nothing beats a good text editor at your side though!
    Kevin and Emily: Great website! We’ll be visiting often…

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