Hello World

So after quite a few months of no statistics, I’m back into that game a little bit, due to inheriting yet another website to manage. I hooked up Google Analytics on my site, to test it out before use on the other site, but haven’t really looked at it much since then. You can imagine my surprise when I logged in to find out that our little corner of the web is actually doing quite well!
Seems that weekends are pretty low traffic days, which about corresponds to my own blog reading habits, but that the early part of the week is pretty popular for us. About 63% of you wonderful visitors have us on a bookmark or RSS reader or go directly here. The rest follow a link from another blog or website.
The majority of you are from the States, surprisingly, although there’s obviously a good segment coming from Canada. What I was really delighted to discover, via this very cool Visitor Location Map, is that there’s a good portion of you coming from places all around the world. Our readership is actually quite diverse, and I couldn’t be happier about that!

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