Two Month Visit


Well today Benjamin had his two month visit at the doctors office…this is the one I have been dreading!

He now weighs 13 lbs 9 oz and is 22.5 ins long…..he is getting big! The first part of the visit went very well: he is doing great for his age and following his growth curve to a tee. He is a healthy and happy 2 month old…..that is until the nurse brought in 4 needles for him to be vaccinated with!! Four needles….I didn’t like the looks of this…anyway considering that he got stuck 4 times he did great — although the whole office heard that he was not happy about it. And I got a little tear in my eye….it’s not fun to see your baby cry like that when you know they are in pain.

Anyway we are home now and he’s sleeping so here’s hoping that he doesn’t react to the shots and that he doesn’t get a fever!

6 thoughts on “Two Month Visit

  1. You know… when I read this post the other day I didn’t notice that it was Nic who had posted it… It puts an entirely different perspective when you realize that it is her saying she teared up rather than Jon. I thought he was sharing a sensitive moment with the world. :-\

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