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The question on everyone’s lips is what’s his name. And the answer is… We don’t know yet! But relax, we do have an idea or two – despite the 50,000 useless names in our book of 55,000 (Achmed, Achmeed, Achmar, Achmaree, etc…). I promise I will update when we have a name. I also have no way of getting pictures posted from here (except for grainy, blurry cameraphone shots, which wouldn’t do justice to the cuteness of our child) but I’ll probably sleep at home tonite, cause I’m sick of this amazing pull-out chair that manages to be uncomfortable in both bed and chair modes, so I’ll get some pictures online then.
Baby is doing exceptionally well. He’s a star at feeding, pooping and sleeping, which is all we could really ask of him on his first day of life. Mom is also well, although a little sore down below, and exudes peace and confidence in a way I’ve never seen before. I think our little family is gonna be just fine…

5 thoughts on “No Name Yet

  1. Ooooohhh, I am so happy for you guys. Whatever name you choose will fit him perfectly. Me, my husband and all my coworkers are excited to see pics of him. Congrats again to you all!!!!

  2. i cant wait to see pictures!!!!! i can picture Nicole being totally calm and confident!!!! go nicole!!!
    lots of love to both of you!!!!

  3. oh yes..i cant totally picture your sons name…Achmeed Wise…has a ring huh?
    glad everythings going well.
    i cant wait to see him..

  4. Today my task is clearing out our office to make a nursery…so I keep taking breaks to check on your updates! I’m so glad to hear that the feeding is going so well and that everyone is happy and healthy. I have a lot of questions for Nicole in terms of birthing ‘stuff’ but that can wait a while 😉 Jon, good job…I know sometimes the dads get forgotten since they don’t have to go through the actual labour, etc., but I’m sure you’re deserving of a ‘kudos’ to you as well. I send all three of you an online hug 🙂

  5. You should name him Landon. That is the baby name I was saving for when I have kids, but I GUESS I could share it.. lol. Just throwing it out there. 🙂

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