Gah, you don’t know how hard it is to tap out these updates on this tiny keyboard! But thank you everyone for your texts and phone calls and comments (Joey – tell your mom, thanks for the call)! Nic (and I) are doing much, much better now that we’ve had the epidural! The catheter part is pretty uncomfortable, but the number she gets the more it seems worth it. Right now she’s on a foly (pee) catheter, and an oxygen mask so there’s really nothing to worry about. They’re monitoring the baby’s heartrate cause they’d like it to be a little more active. Probably that just means its napping – which both Nic and I would love to be doing right about now.
Nic’s family is on their way here (they left as soon as we called cause they’re crazy like that). Mine will head down tomorrow. All is as well as can be expected – I promise I’ll post as soon as I can if anything changes! These things take time – it probably won’t happen before tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Updating…

  1. Wonderful news… seems like baby is quite comfy in there though. Glad to hear Nic is doing good and thanks for keeping everyone posted.

  2. …and ill be there after the baby gets born. =p
    *sigh* well im done checking up on the website for now…cant wait for the updates im gonna read tomorrow. ;]
    good luck nic..we’re prayin for ya.

  3. I know it’s tough to watch the love of your life go through all that and you feel helpless but you being there is more help than you realize I am sure. Tell Nic to stay strong, and have faith, tell her to smile. She won’t forget it but at the end it will be worth it!

  4. Wow — what exciting news!! We are glad to hear that you are both doing well and we can’t wait to hear about (and eventually meet) the newest member of your family! Thanks for keeping us posted, Jon. Tell Nic that we’re thinking of her (and you too!) and we hope for a quick and safe delivery. 🙂

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