Half hour until go time

Trial pushing went well, but they decided to give her another half hour before they make a go of it.
Oh and that’s 9am to 9pm. We intend to get some sleep tonite!
Next post will be with baby news. See you all on the other side. Nic appreciates your prayers and happy thoughts!

12 thoughts on “Half hour until go time

  1. Hey, Jon – Chad wants to know if you can see the baby yet. Is it a boy or a girl?!!!
    These regular updates are fabulous – it’s like being right there in the delivery room with you!

  2. JON AND NIC! you guys are the best
    and you deserve teh best
    we’re all praying for you
    Godspeed Nicole.
    Godspeed Jonathan.

  3. Just thought I’d check in again before bed (sorry…not to rub that in or anything 😉
    We are rooting you guys on … well, mostly Nic! You can do it!
    Can’t wait to hear the GREAT news!!

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