Back at Work

My 32 hours of Christmas holiday being over, I’m back at work this afternoon… and I have to admit, there’s something kind of peaceful about it. Maybe it’s the calm of being back on a set schedule again, or the rhythmic lull of routine. Maybe it’s the fact that all of the crazy Christmas preparation is finally over and the whole world feels fat and lazy from their Christmas dinners. Whatever it is, there’s sort of a holy hush over the cube farm today — which could be because there aren’t very many people here — but this seems to me much more like Christmas should be. A quiet calm. Maybe the same kind of sacred peace that Mary and Joseph felt after the baby was delivered, the shepherds were gone, the cattle asleep, and just the two of them were left alone with their child.
I’m not alone with my wife and child right now. Instead I’m alone with 3 computers, two telephones and an iPod. But that’s OK, cause we survived Christmas and managed to find a nice day and a half together. And because my desk at work is sort of an oasis. While my desk at home is cleaned maybe once a month, and the various desks, tabletops and floors I’ve been working from at church the past couple weeks are far from clean, my desk at work is cleaned once a week — every Friday before I go home. It’s a peaceful little utopia, and probably the best looking cubical in the building. I’ve got my server behind me, my laptop and secondary monitor to one side, and a G4 cube with a nice LCD monitor to the other. From here I can touch the whole world via the Internet, or close some programs and not be disturbed at all. Sure it gets a little lonely sometimes, not working with anyone remotely close in age or beliefs… but on this particular day, it’s a good kind of lonely. A peaceful kind…

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