feet.jpgAaahhh….now I know what they look like, very ugly and not so much fun to walk on. So the last few weeks are turning out not to be as much fun as my weight is constantly increasing so is my belly as you can see from previous pictures, which is always getting in the way, but now my feet and ankles, or lack there of, have also decided that they want to join in the fun. This is not so much fun for me since now it appears that none of my shoes fit me except some sandals, which are not December weather worthy especially when the snow arrives, and of course my slippers. I did try on a pair of Jon’s shoes and they fit but they just make me look like I have clown feet! I can’t even wear socks because some of them cut off my circulation too much. Because I don’t seem to have any ankles left and my legs are also starting to swell…when will this stop ;-P.

2 thoughts on “Cankles….

  1. You should raise the foot of your bed about 2-3 inches. Just put a couple of books or bricks or 2X4s under the feet. It will help with the swelling.

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