Picture Update

Still don’t have a better way to do this, but we’ve had some requests for pictures…
Nic and Brooke
This is Nic and her pregnant friend Brooke, having a belly-off. Nic wins!!
This is the final version of the nursery, cleaned, stocked and ready to go!
Phone Lines
My crash course in phone networking — it was like that when I got there, honest!
New Stage
And this is where I’ve been every spare second of this week, but it’s all gonna be worth it real soon!

One thought on “Picture Update

  1. Thanks for posting the pic!! Nic, you really look beautiful…wow! The only part of you that is bigger is the belly…well except for the swollen feet – yikes!
    I’m so excited to hear the news of the baby coming…I bet you are ready by now! The nursery looks great!!

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