Ready to blog from the hospital!

Well I wasn’t able to find an Internet connection in or near where our baby will be born, and given that the average first labor lasts around 12 hours, I knew a solution would have to be found. Fortunately WordPress has functionality for MoBlogging (blogging from a mobile device) and a nice plugin adds image support. I picked up an old Treo 600 online, and voila! I can blog from anywhere!

3 thoughts on “Ready to blog from the hospital!

  1. dude you can’t freak me out like that. when i read the first line or two it made me think that you were at the hospital and waiting already!

  2. Another great idea for something to do in the hospital. Wear (or take) a white or very light coloured Tshirt with you to the hospital. When they do the baby’s footprint in ink (if they do that in the US) have them put a set of prints on the Tshirt. Then you have something to wear to work your first day back. If they don’t routinely do that, you can take your own ink pad and do it yourself – hand prints are fun too.

  3. I felt/feel the same as freaked me a little there…imagine when you actually start blogging about

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