Snow Tires

Dad (Watters) you would be proud of me. I put the snow tires on the car by myself.
And I’m not sure which parent ingrained this in me, but I figured out a great way to save money/play the system.
See, getting tires installed costs $15 a tire, or $60 total, at a garage. Your quickie oil and lube place will rotate your tires for $12. So I install the tires myself, tighten up the lug-nuts with all my weight, and then go get the oil changed — and while I’m there have my tires rotated/re-installed.
I just saved myself $48, plus I feel really manly fixing the car myself and getting all greasy.

One thought on “Snow Tires

  1. I lay no claim to teaching you how to milk the system. Not that I wasn’t good at it. None better. But parenting requires you to think modeling. And that wasn’t something I wanted to model.

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