Our New Home for the Holidays

This has been a varied and interesting week! I’m finally getting in the groove of my new schedule, which means I don’t feel like barfing all over my alarm clock when it goes off at 5:30am, and have found that it lends itself to a wider range of activities than I usually get just sitting in my cubicle from 9-5.
Tuesday morning was spent with young, passionate church leaders planning the opening of a new campus, designing graphics and building network infrastructure. Tuesday afternoon was spent at work, presenting software to the CEO and various Vice Presidents, and listening to discussions on direction for a big business. Tuesday evening was spent playing video games, eating pizza and praying with a dozen or so students in our living room.
Wednesday I designed software during the day, and worked on video production systems during the evening.
Thursday I worked from a table and a VPN, juggling more tasks through WiFi than anyone should expect to get out of 54Mbps, then directed video and hung out with 150 teens at night.
And best of all, at the end of each week I’m guaranteed a date with a hot babe!
12 months ago, I was alone at a hotel with a rental car, a suit, my resume and two e-mails of encouragement from some good friends who were miles away in either direction. I never imagined then that our life here would be so complete and fulfilling. I never dreamt, as I lay there nervous and excited about the job interview I was getting ready for, that a year later we would be surrounded by so many incredible friends, or challenged by so many awesome opportunities, or blessed with such an amazing church family.
Tonite we go to our last Christmas party of the season — probably the most Christmasy one we’ve ever been to. Next week we shift gears and throw all our spare energy into the new campus. And shortly now, we’ll be facing the totally new challenge of becoming parents. While it’s tough being away from home for that, our child will come into this world in a healthy, happy environment, surrounded by love and joy. They say it takes a community to raise a child, and if that’s true, God has blessed us with a truly amazing community to do that in.

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