Mechanism for the Strategic Deployment of Mentos?

So by now, everyone on the web knows what happens when you mix mentos and Diet Coke. In case you don’t…

I first tried this experiement with some friends, 2 years ago at Christmas time. Although we did produce enough fizz to nearly empty the bottle, it certainly wasn’t very dramatic. The problem, we deduced, was that there was no apparent way to get all the mentos into the bottle before the reaction started. At most we got half the pack in before we had to escape.

I tried it again this weekend, with some guys from church, and ran into a similar problem: half the mentos went in, the other half got pushed out onto the ground. Yet the guys in this video seem to have it down. They appear to just yank on a string or something, and off it goes. I’d really like to try this at home, but can’t seem to figure out a reliable method of getting the mentos in. Anyone have any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Mechanism for the Strategic Deployment of Mentos?

  1. It looks like they have some sort of funnel at the top of the bottles to focus the blast…and the people in the video had a few ones that went about as good as ours did…and it looks to me like those are the ones without the funnels focusing the blast.
    I’m not sure if it’s even a funnel…it could be maybe just a hole in the bottle lid.
    We should try this again. Fo sho.

  2. I saw something on the web about drilling a 1/16th or 1/8th inch hole in the cap, then drilling small holes in the mentos to thread them onto a paperclip. The paperclip then holds them just under the cap. I don’t recall the exact mechanism to release them but I’m sure it is out there! BTW, the small hole in the cap makes for a tall fountain.

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