The System is Down

So earlier today some Jihadist group threatened an attack on the Internet.
This evening, at around 5:02, EveryDNS, one of the largest free DNS service on the Internet was crushed by a massive DoS attack, taking down over 100,000 websites and services.
Are the two related? I don’t know. But if you wanted to take down the most amount of sites with the least amount of effort, it sure seems like DoSing some high-use Name Servers would be a good way to go about it.
All I know for sure is that my website went down, as did our church’s. I woulda thought 4 NS records would have been more than enough, but in the future, I’ll be shooting for 6-10. Sorry about the downtime folks. ZoneEdit to the rescue, we should be coming back up to full strength soon.

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