Hoping to remain a "Resident Non-Immigrant with Permission to Work"

Tim HortonsTomorrow morning Nic and I are headed up to Quebec to submit our TN-1 renewal paperwork at the border. If it’s approved, we’ll be here another year. If it’s not… well if it’s not, we’re screwed! Obviously we’re hoping that goes smoothly!
Our plan is to cross around lunch time, find some food, load up on Tim Horton’s coffee (it’s the only way I can pull of my 5:30 mornings!) and then head back to the border.
I did mention to my boss that it might be nice if maybe next year we could apply for a more permanent Visa — since this one says “temporary” all over it. He agreed that might be a good idea, so hopefully next year won’t be so precarious. If customs decides, for some reason, not to renew my Visa, the US will never issue that one to me again, and we’ll have to move home immediately. Actually, we’ll likely be turned away at the border and have to arrange our move at a later date. We’re praying there won’t be any issues!
Update: Well it was a long day, including lunch at the most unexpected of locations, and sitting on a bench at customs for an hour, but our paperwork was approved and we’re back in the States for another 12 months! Thanks to everyone who was praying for us!

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