A very scaled down Christmas

christmas027_big.gifAt risk of being scolded severely by our Christmas-crack-snorting friends, I’d like to clear-up our intentions for Christmas this year, for our family and friends who may not know what our plans are…
We have a lot going on this Christmas season, including expiring Visas, a new church campus and a baby on the way, so we’d like you to all understand that we won’t be going all-out on Christmas. I won’t be able to get away with zero Christmas decorations, but most of my limited house-work time has been, and will be, devoted to the baby’s room. For those visiting, please forgive us if we’re not overly-festive. We got a lot done this weekend, but there’s a lot left to do.
There’s also the matter of gifts. Nic and I have set and plan to stick to a very rigid budget as the priorities in our lives change. That means that we plan on modest gifts for each other, and cards for everyone else. I think last year we did a pretty good job of hooking everyone up, and we appreciate everything everyone has given us in the past. However, it would be a lot less stress on us if this year you didn’t buy us anything. If you’d like to purchase something for the baby, I’m sure it won’t complain, but our needs are met and there’s nothing we’d ask for from you but your love and support as we figure out how to be parents.
And finally trips home. I know some of you are still expecting to see us over the holiday season. We hope you’ll understand that we won’t be making the drive home. With the baby due so close to Christmas, it would be foolish of us to get in the car for an 8 hour drive. Our hope is for the baby to be born in the States, which means our safest bet is to stay put until it arrives. For those considering it, we’d also ask that you not make plans to travel here and stay with us. There is no longer room in our apartment to host guests, and there’s very little room in our schedule to entertain company. However, if you’d like to travel down and stay in a nearby hotel and visit us within the constraints of our everyday responsibilities, you are more than welcome.
I hate to sound like Scrooge, but I’m going to have to be very firm in reigning in our commitments and activities not related to the birth of our first child. Our December is already pretty well booked, and I’m not prepared to allow any more stress than necessary into my bride’s life. She’s been carrying around our little alien like a trooper for the past 9 months, refusing to let her discomfort slow us down, but this is her time now, and I’m going to protect that as much as I can.
We’ll be home again in late January or February, and we’re looking forward to introducing you all to our newest family member!

4 thoughts on “A very scaled down Christmas

  1. Hey Jon,
    I happened to check your website to find out what was new with you and Nic and low and behold there is lots new…especially the pending arrival of your precious little bundle of joy! I am very excited and happy for you both.

  2. Whew, I thought for sure I was gonna get it from you, Libby!
    Nancy, it’s great to hear from you! Nic and I still have that picture you took of us at the ACIG Picnic all those years ago…

  3. Hey you two sound like you’ve got it all organised. Came across your web site totally by mistake by a link called “Ipdcontrol” on the “Geofftech” webiste. I was looking for info on my Ipod. Anyway, have a great Christmas and I hope all goes well with the babe. As we say here in the UK “keep it oiled” Nic. Julie (UK)

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