A Job Well Done

Two days, 7 computers — 5 of them starting with no OS and a blank hard drive — from Windows 2003 servers, to XP workstations filled with spyware to OS X boxes of every shape, every one of them is running better than when I got there. Obviously the current Apple of my eye is that new little cube shaped computer on the left, next to it’s big brother on the right.
It was a giant task for my Thanksgiving weekend, but I think it was worth it — hopefully I won’t have to worry about anything at home for a year or so, and at least 2 computers at the church will be running smoothly now. I think I’m going to take a computer break for the rest of the night though, and tomorrow I’ll be doing some more painting — does anyone know how to put up wallpaper? Cause I’m pretty sure I don’t have a clue…

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